Wednesday, January 25, 2021

Collaborative Divorce and The Rhythm of Love (Marin Style)

The Rhythm of Love (Marin Style) -

We lawyers are very familiar with the statistics--nearly everywhere where divorce is freely available, half of all marriages, more or less, will end in divorce.  The statistics are even more daunting where I live and work, Marin County, California, where 57% of all married people can expect to experience at least one divorce.

For its Valentines' Day issue, Marin Magazine (an excellent glossy publication that provides a clear window on contemporary life in a locale that used to be known for its hot tubs and peacock feathers back in the '70's) has published a lovely article on being single, married, and divorced in Marin.  The author, Megan Pickett, interviewed me in depth about collaborative practice and highlighted it in her article as the way to divorce if your marriage must end. 

Megan did a fine job of capturing the essential importance of our work.  I'm grateful to her for making this information available in such a high profile way to readers of Marin Magazine.  Check it out.  And, Happy Valentine's Day.