Monday, December 12, 2020

A holiday gift: mentoring or consultation sessions

When Peggy Thompson, Lisa Schneider, and I offered a revamped three-day basic team training in Birmingham, Alabama this fall, we incorporated quite a bit more practice group development  material than is customary in a basic event.  The training ended with a module in which participants formed ongoing study groups and were given the assignment to have at least two meetings before the end of 2011.  We provided study group agenda ideas and guidance about how to do it.  Setting up mechanisms that support using the new understandings and techniques learned in a training right away is now understood to be an important component of a training, because without that kind of immediate immersion in the new ideas, they can dissipate quickly and have little lasting impact.

As an inducement for this important followup experience, the three trainers on our team offered that any Alabama  study group that did have two substantive meetings before year's end could have half an hour of mentoring with the trainer of their choice, gratis, in early 2012.  I'm delighted to report that the first request from an Alabama study group for a post-training mentoring session came in this week.

I am extending that same offer to any community in which I presented trainings at any level during 2011.  If you and a small number of colleagues (5 to 8 members would be optimum) form a study group and have at least two substantive study group sessions before the end of February 2012, I will offer your group a free half-hour phone mentoring session, to take place before April 1, 2012. Or, if you and your colleagues are working on an integrated collaborative team case and could benefit from some mentoring/consultation about how best to move forward, the same offer applies. To take me up on this offer, designate one study group member as coordinator and contact me via email with at least three dates and times that work for all of you, between 10AM and 4PM Pacific time, and refer specifically to this post. 

For interested study groups in communities where I have not recently presented trainings, my fee for phone or web-based consulting and mentoring is $200 for half an hour and $400 for a full hour session, prepaid and scheduled in advance.  I work with individuals,with professional teams dealing with challenges on difficult cases, and with study groups and practice group boards.   This kind of mentoring and consultation is a great way to build on what's been learned, and  to address concerns constructively when they emerge rather than letting them sap the community's optimism or motivation. 

Happy Holidays to all.