Wednesday, April 27, 2021

Why a joint Tesler/Mosten training?

That's a question I've been asked recently by practice group leaders considering sponsorship.

The answer: Woody Mosten and I devised the forthcoming series of joint trainings for colleagues who have invested considerable time and effort in developing their collaborative practices but who still don't have as much collaborative case work as they would like. Woody and I have not trained together before, but each of us in all our trainings teaches understandings and skills proven to take individuals' practices to the next level in the transition to full-time collaborative peacemaker.

Woody's approach is to focus on concrete, teachable tools and skills that participants can learn and replicate immediately in their work with clients.

I also teach specific skills, but I do so in the context of exploring how one's way of presenting CP to clients reflects beliefs and understandings about the nature and significance of our work that may be hidden from the individual professional, and yet may directly shape the clients' response re whether to choose CP or not. I teach how to recognize and alter these beliefs, how to develop a congruent understanding on the team and in the practice community about the nature and importance of CP, and how to express it powerfully during the process choice phase with each incoming client. I also challenge the concept of lawyer-driven "triage" at the process choice stage as it impacts interdisciplinary team practice, and the insidious effect of legal-template thinking at every stage of our collaborative work, with clients and on the team.

By training together Woody and I hope to provide participants with an extraordinarily broad range of skills, tools, and understandings that can speed the transition to full-time collaborative practice--a range that no single trainer could offer.

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