Thursday, January 20, 2021

Russians, Romanians, Ukrainians, and Indians are interested in Collaborative Practice

I've been checking out the "stats" for where people live who are checking out/following this blog. Not surprisingly, the largest number live in the United States. But to my amazement, the second highest statistics are from Russia. The others, in descending order, are: The Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Canada, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Australia, and India.

If any of you from Eastern Europe or India are reading this, I'd love to hear from you. Who are you, and what's your interest in/experience with Collaborative Practice?


Sameer said...

Dear Pauline,

My name is Sameer Shah and I'm a Lawyer from India with 16 years of active legal practice. I'm one of the member of IACP and an Associate Member of GCLC.
In India the CP practice is not so prevalent as in US or other part of the World in its literal meaning. However, it is very much prevalent informally especially in family or matrimonial disputes. I personally follow such practice in such matters as also in commercial disputes.
Due to this I'm personally fascinated by this practice when I first learned about it and therefore, I now intend to put in best efforts to promote CP in India in a formal acceptance as in US. Infact I am in contact with Mr. Lawrence Maxwell, Jr., Mr. orman Solovay and Ms. Sherrie Abney and I have been discussing about the same with them.
It will be my pleasure to also discuss the topic with you. Kindly inform me your convenient time and day for the same.
My e-mail id is:

With Warm Regards,
Sameer Shah
Advocate, ACIArb-London
Panel Arbitrator - MCCI-Mauritius

Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney said...

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