Sunday, November 22, 2020

New York Times Financial Columnist Recommends Collaborative Divorce

The following is excerpted from a longer column,

New York Times, November 20, 2020


I spoke to a number of accountants and financial planners who trained and took an exam to become Certified Divorce Financial Analysts during or after their marriage broke up. What many of them had in common, aside from a fiery conviction that you need an expert from their membership during your breakup, is a general dissatisfaction with the legal process.

And often, it was partly their own fault. “I was clueless,” said Scott D. Martin, who runs DivorceDirection, a financial advisory service in Lake Mary, Fla. “One way to achieve control over the process is by educating yourself about the different ways you can get divorced.” He added that no one told him about collaborative divorce, an increasingly popular process that tries to keep the case out of court.

So when interviewing lawyers, ask what they think of lower-cost mediation options and whether they have been trained to work collaboratively. How often do their cases go to trial and how many are they working on at any given moment? How do they bill?"