Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Giving away my Collaborative Divorce book: a virtually guaranteed collaborative practice builder

I received the following email from longtime collaborative divorce lawyer Gretchen Walther, of Albuquerque NM, asking where she could make a low cost bulk purchase of the red Collaborative Divorce book I wrote with psychologist Peggy Thompson. She's using the book exactly as Peggy and I intended:

"They are flying off my shelves like hot cakes!

I believe the book is very helpful in assisting potential new clients to pick CD. On our intake sheet we have a question, “Are you interested in Collaborative Divorce?” A majority of them say “yes” at the intake level, because an increasing amount of my referrals are coming because people want CD. The book helps them understand it at a deeper level. Even for people who don’t pick collaborative, or are just thinking about it, I am adamant that they read the book because it provides a comprehensive explanation of how the emotional divorce has a profound impact on the legal divorce. People still just don’t get that - and to me, helping divorcing parties understand this is the key to being an effective divorce attorney.

It is also a useful tool as I am working with the clients through the collaborative process. I will often refer back to certain sections of the book to reminder about various aspects of the divorce process.

When I see the answer is “no” to the question on our intake sheet, I tend to think “Hmmmm, maybe there is domestic violence or personality disorders etc - where the people are worried about collaborative.” I am then often surprised to find out that once I explain the concept to them, they really like collaborative divorce and the only reason they said “no” at the intake level is because they did not know what it was. The book is particularly helpful to these people.

I have a pretty high ratio of potential clients to retained clients. I think it is because of the individual attention and compassion I show towards them. I provide your book to a majority of the potential clients that meet with me. I think they appreciate the extra effort I make to provide them with information about collaborative divorce.

There has been many a first four way meeting where I see the red collaborative book that I provided to my client in the hands of the other spouse. "


Gretchen M. Walther
Board Certified Family Law Specialist