Monday, June 22, 2021

"Neurocollaboration" Course a Hit at Straus Institute (Pepperdine Law School) Summer Skills Program

Tom Lewis, M.D. and I presented a three-day course in the neuroscience of collaborative conflict resolution earlier this month in Malibu at the Straus Institute Summer Skills Program, to a group of students that was equally balanced between collaborative family lawyers, and students who had no direct involvement at all in family conflict resolution.

The course was very well received by our students, who at times were so engrossed in the intense debates sparked by the material that they--and we--forgot to take scheduled breaks. Several told us it was the most fascinating continuing education course they'd ever taken. There was buzz about the Neurocollaboration course in the hallways and during the breaks. Tom and I were gratified by the positive response from not only students in our own course, but students and faculty involved in other courses running at the same time as ours.

Many people approached Tom and me to ask whether the course would be offered again in October at the fall session of the skills program in Woodstock, Vermont.

The answer is, "yes." For more information, or to enroll, go to this link: