Thursday, June 4, 2021

Collaborative Divorce Practice in Israel

There are now at least 80 trained collaborative divorce professionals in Israel, who attended one of the two introductory three-day trainings presented last month by me and Yuval Berger in Tel Aviv.

The events were co-sponsored by the United States Embassy, The Israeli Bar Association, and the Israeli Ministry of Justice, and were preceded by introductory evening presentations in Haifa and Tel Aviv attended by perhaps 200 lawyers, mediators, therapists, and social workers.

The courses were both oversubscribed, and there is a waiting list for another round of basic trainings. Participants left these events obviously energized and ready to do the work of building a uniquely Israeli collaborative practice movement.

They face some unique challenges--for example, the existence of two parallel, separate systems for granting divorces--one civil, and the other religious--which apply entirely different substantive and procedural law. But like collaborative lawyers everywhere, our colleagues in Israel have begun the work of figuring out solutions.