Sunday, March 1, 2021

See you in Sydney?

The "Collaborating Down Under" conference in Sydney begins March 26th. I'm excited to be presenting a plenary speech to the conference, which will focus on how the collaborative community functions as a learning and feedback system.

Conference organizers have added a full-day training workshop on Monday, March 30th--at which I'll be able to work closely with collaborative professionals on specific issues in their own work with clients. This is one of my favorite kinds of training event. Rather than a structured agenda, we will work with problems that participants are experiencing in their own cases. This means that we'll be working at the edge of each participant's personal growth curve, taking it to the next level.

If you are debating whether or not to come to the Sydney conference....take a look at the conference website. Sydney is one of the great cities of the world; Australia's collaborative practice community is vibrant and growing; they have succeeded in engaging the interest and support of government officials at the highest levels. And--not least-- the U.S. dollar is fairly strong against the Australian dollar right now, and Qantas is offering sale prices on round trip airfare to Sydney.

Come on down.