Thursday, June 26, 2021

Interdisciplinary Team Collaborative Practice Video soon to be available for purchase

Participants in the recent Advanced Collaborative Family Law Practice seminar/workshop in Malibu, CA were the first to see preliminary rough-cut footage from a new demonstration DVD that will be made available to trainers and practice groups for purchase this fall. All participants in this demonstration of a challenging collaborative team case are themselves experienced Collaborative Divorce professionals.

The completed DVD will contain short demonstration roleplays of each stage of a collaborative divorce team case. It is intended to introduce new practitioners to the roles and functions on a collaborative divorce professional team, and to provide discussion points for use in introductory, intermediate and advanced trainings. Among the players in the video are: Pauline Tesler, David Fink, Peggy Thompson, Randy Cheek, Eve Poling, Jeffrey Kahn, Lisa Schneider, and Anne Jacobson Nunno.

If you would like to receive information about purchase of this DVD when it becomes available, please email me at:

Really Great "Master Class" at Straus Institute

A small group of experienced, committed collaborative lawyers (and one financial consultant/mediator) gathered in Malibu, CA at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution earlier this month for an intensive two and a half day seminar/workshop in Advanced Collaborative Family Law Practice for lawyers. David Fink and I facilitated, and learned at least as much as we taught. Participants came from California, Oklahoma, and Texas, ready to dig deep, test unexamined assumptions, and mentor one another about complex challenges in collaborative cases and practice groups.

The Semi-Annual Skills Program that the Straus Institute offers (June in Malibu, October in Woodstock, Vermont) brings together conflict resolution professionals and practitioners from across North America and elsewhere for a series of programs ranging from meditation practices to improvisational dispute resolution. Our program, Advanced Collaborative Family Law, we hope represents the beginning of an ongoing commitment by the Straus Institute to include Collaborative Practice in their programs for practitioners and in their academic dispute resolution degree programs.

This Advanced Collaborative Family Law seminar/workshop will be offered a second time in October, in Woodstock, Vermont. Consider an autumn working vacation--especially those of you living near Vermont, or on currencies favorable against the dollar. Start out with the IACP Forum, in New Orleans, October 17-19. Then fly to Boston or Burlington, Vermont on Sunday the 19th for about $250 USD, and take a leisurely drive through the glorious New England autumn foliage to Woodstock, arriving Wednesday evening, October 22. The Advanced Family Law seminar/workshop begins Thursday morning, October 23, continuing through midday Saturday, October 25.