Saturday, February 16, 2021

A web resource for divorcing clients
is a site that provides information and cross-links offering a wealth of useful information for people contemplating or going through divorce. The emphasis is on approaches that encourage civility and keep conflict contained.

Friday, February 15, 2021

Really effective use of video for publicizing Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Practice California [also known as "CP-Cal"], our statewide association of practice groups, has put together a powerful short video clip meant to be used as a public service announcement and for other public education purposes. It is really well-done. Notice the use, at the end, of the really wonderful billboard image designed jointly by IACP and the collaborative lawyers' organization in Cincinnatti, Ohio.

CP-Cal has been asked about the possibility of licensing use of the video to other groups. No answer yet, but stay posted, and meanwhile, look at the video: