Saturday, October 18, 2020

The Hal and Elaine Case--A Collaborative Team Divorce

This weekend at the IACP Forum in New Orleans I distributed preview CD's announcing release of a new DVD, The Hal and Elaine Case. The preview will be available shortly here and at my website.

The DVD that is previewed on the CD will be shipped to purchasers in mid to late November. It is intended for use by trainers and practice groups. It shows roleplays of a full interdisciplinary collaborative divorce team working collegially with Hal and Elaine to help them through a challenging divorce process.

The DVD has 21 chapters, each five to ten minutes in length, focusing on the coordinated professional help that can be provided only by a team. The DVD is not a free-standing training. It's meant to be used in conjunction with trainings and practice group workshops, to show the power of the team in action.

The preview CD, if you have one, can be viewed on your computer, using quicktime. It's short: under five minutes.

If you encounter difficulties with viewing the CD, you are probably attempting to watch it directly from your cd drive. Some computers cannot do that without problems such as jumpy video or temporary freezing of the images. The solution is easy: download the CD to your hard drive and view it from there, not from your disc drive.

Orders for the DVD received before the end of October qualify for a discounted price: $455.00 plus shipping and handling. Beginning November 1, the regular price is $495.00 plus shipping and handling.

The order form is pasted above. You can also request an order form from me at:

I hope you find the Hal and Elaine case useful in your practice groups, and in trainings.