Saturday, August 23, 2020

Semi-Annual Straus Institute Skills Program in Woodstock, Vermont

Collaborative lawyers who have completed at least a dozen or so collaborative cases are invited to enroll in the second of two advanced "Master Class" seminars in collaborative family law, to be held in Woodstock, Vermont, in October. (The first seminar, offered in June at Malibu, California, received rave reviews from participants.) The October program, co-sponsored by the top-ranked Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution (a program of Pepperdine Law School) and the University of Vermont Law School, will allow workshop leaders and practitioners to work together intensively over two and a half days, exploring the most challenging issues we face in our professional work. The small workshop size and informal, flexible format permit us to identify each participant's personal growth edge and to engage in exercises and discussion that can take participants to the next level of excellence.

Woodstock is a classic New England village, said to be "storybook" beautiful, especially in October. The program venue, The Woodstock Inn, has great charm. The daily schedule has been set to end early enough in the afternoon so that participants (and their families, if they bring them), can enjoy some sightseeing every day.

This program is a rare opportunity to engage in collegial learning and problem solving with a small group of highly skilled colleagues from around the U.S. and Europe. Many participants in the Malibu seminar had completed more than fifty cases and several had handled over a hundred cases. These lawyers brought a depth and breadth of insight to the seminar discussions that participants described as highly stimulating and extremely valuable. In the words of Janet Denton, a Texas collaborative lawyer who attended the June seminar, "I found my mojo in Malibu!" David Fink (my seminar co-leader) and I hope you can join us in Woodstock for another in-depth exploration of the creative edge of collaborative practice.

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