Monday, March 31, 2021

Come to the ABA Professional Responsibility meeting in Boston

On Saturday morning, May 31, 2008, in Boston, Massachusetts, I'll be participating in a panel discussion about the ethics of collaborative legal practice, at the American Bar Association 2008 National Conference on Professional Responsibility, which is being held at The Seaport Hotel in Boston. Other panelists include Paula Noe, a collaborative lawyer from Massachusetts, Scott Peppet, a Colorado law professor with a special interest in the ethics of collaborative practice, and moderator Jim McCauley, of the Virginia State Bar.

The panel is going to take a constructive and practical approach, beginning with how to do it right (i.e., how to practice in a way that accords with professional legal ethical mandates) before discussing how practitioners might go astray and how to avoid that.

Anyone who is interested in attending can find conference registration and program information by clicking on the title of this post. I'd love to see lots of collaborative practitioners in attendance who can help the conversation stay focused on the degree to which we do it well, more than on the horrible things that could happen if someone made lots of errors.