Monday, February 4, 2021

More Information about Trainings in Ireland

In Belfast, Northern Ireland, I'll be presenting an two-day basic training in Collaborative Law on April 24 and 25. Next, in Dublin, Ireland, there will be another two-day basic Collaborative Law training on April 28 and 29.

I'm delighted to be participating in the Second European Collaborative Law conference , which takes place in Cork, Ireland beginning May 1. In addition to sharing the keynote address with Stu Webb, I'll present a three-hour extended workshop for lawyers focusing on the "buy-in" phase of a collaborative case, addressing how to communicate passionate enthusiasm for collaborative practice while facilitating fully informed client process choices. This workshop is intended for lawyers who have had a basic collaborative law training.

Discussions are still in process about whether there will be a third two-day basic training after the Cork conference, in the Galway area.