Saturday, July 21, 2020

Family Psychologist magazine recommends our book

Dr. Barry Ginsberg has reviewed Collaborative Divorce, the book I co-authored with Peggy Thompson, in the summer 2007 issue of The Family Psychologist, which is the bulletin of the family psychology division of the American Psychological Association.

Calling it "an outstanding contribution to our field," Dr. Ginsberg not only has it on his own bookshelf but calls it "recommended reading" for both clients, and colleagues working with couples and families. Though Dr. Ginsberg emphasizes the value of the collaborative model presented in the book and the clarity with which it is explained, he also notes that the book would be very helpful as a "personal coach" regardless of whether a divorcing couple ultimately chooses collaborative divorce or not.

Psychologists who plan to attend the August annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, in San Francisco, may want to note on their calendars that Peggy Thompson and I, along with several colleagues, will present a workshop on collaborative divorce Sunday morning, August 19th.

The review can be found at page 17 of Vol 23, No. 3 of The Family Psychologist. Click on the book review link to your left [in "Visit Pauline Tesler's web links] and scroll down to page 17 to read the entire review.