Tuesday, October 30, 2020

Collaborative Divorce Doesn't Have to be "Nicey Nicey" to Work

Wendy Spencer, a divorce financial analyst, has posted an illuminating story of a difficult and painful divorce handled the collaborative way. The marriage ended badly---the husband had engaged in a hurtful and deceitful affair---but the divorce process, though challenging, achieved important goals identified by the wife.

You don't have to feel friendly toward your divorcing spouse to want a civilized, integrity-based divorce. Strong negative emotions may be present, but that doesn't mean divorcing spouses have to spend their savings on emotion-fueled legal battles. Collaborative divorce team services helped the couple Spencer writes about to achieve a good resolution without war.

She describes collaborative divorce as "mediation on steroids." Read her blog entry for the full story: http://spencerdivorcemediator.com/?p=24.