Saturday, March 17, 2021

Forty New Collaborative Lawyers in Scotland

About forty family law solicitors--and one life coach!--completed a two-day basic training in collaborative law yesterday, here in Edinburgh. Energy and participation levels were high throughout the two days.

At the end of the second day, a young solicitor came up to thank me and began to cry, she was so moved by the possibilities for a value-rich, integrity-based kind of work with clients that had been explored in the training.

That happens now and then, and it helps me remember how profoundly different it is to work in this way with divorcing families.

I just can't recall the last time I saw a family lawyer cry at a conventional continuing education program. But if it ever happened, I am sure it was from boredom.

During discussion of one of the roleplay experiences, one woman observed with a kind of wondering amazement, "I was in effect asking Henry (the husband in the roleplay) to assess his own moral stance with respect to his family!"

These new "graduates" join about 80 colleagues who have previously attended collaborative law trainings in Glasgow and Edinburgh. The revolution is in full swing here.